Expedite the Melting Process

Expedite the Melting Process

Learn why salting the roads in Rockford, IL is a snowstorm must

You don't want your routine to stop because of dangerous sheets of ice. That's why salting the roads before, during and after snowfall is essential for homeowners in Rockford, IL.

Prepare for freezing conditions by hiring Tracy's Lawn Care and Tree Service for road salting service. We'll cover your roads and walkways using top-quality salt to prevent car accidents or falls. We offer commercial services as well. Make sure to keep your employees safe by having the parking lots and surrounding areas salted to prevent slips and falls.

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3 good reasons to salt your road

Salt is commonly used on roads and driveways because it stops water from reaching its freezing point. Areas that are prone to large amounts of snow will greatly benefit from our road salting service because:
  • It makes the roads safer
  • It keeps businesses open
  • It's an affordable option
Our team will go above and beyond to make sure your roads and walkways are properly covered.

If you're in Rockford, IL and need salting service, call now to schedule your appointment.