Lawn Maintenance in Machesney Park, IL

As a premier lawn care/grass mowing company in Machesney Park, IL, Tracy’s Lawn Care and Tree Service provides lawn care services, including sodding and year-round maintenance. Growing a lush, verdant lawn requires a lot of work. Most property owners don’t have the time available to handle all of the mowing and lawn maintenance needed to preserve their grassy areas.

With our professional lawn maintenance services, you can spend your free time enjoying the beautiful grass surrounding your property instead of caring for it. All it takes is a phone call and we’ll schedule the lawn care/grass mowing services you need, whether it’s a one-time appointment or one of our seasonal care packages:

  • Grass mowing:
    Your full to-do list likely leaves little time for chores like mowing the yard. Let one of our professionals handle the mowing for you. Save precious time while boosting your property’s curb appeal.
  • Sodding:
    Installing sod transforms a brown yard into a flourishing lawn. Trust us to find the sod that will best thrive on your property, and then we’ll install it for you.
  • Seeding:
    To nurture a new lawn from the roots up, we recommend seeding services. We offer a wide variety of grass species to choose from for your property. We’re happy to make recommendations to help you select the right grass for your lawn.
  • Fall yard cleanup:
    Autumn in Rockford, IL and the surrounding areas is beautiful, but all of those fallen leaves make quite the mess. We’ll handle all of the raking and ensure your lawn receives the seasonal care it requires.
  • Winter yard cleanup:
    Many property owners neglect their yards during the winter. While grass doesn’t grow and mowing isn’t necessary, you still need to care for and clean your yard during the colder months of the year. We’ll bundle up to face the freezing temperatures outside so you can focus on other tasks indoors.
  • Storm damage cleanup:
    When a nasty storm causes tree limbs to fall or plants to uproot themselves, we’re there to clean up the damage. We’re ready to handle damaged trees near your property and any power lines, as well as debris scattered across your yard and fallen trees.

Get Affordable lawn care/grass mowing Now

Get in touch with Tracy’s Lawn Care and Tree Service at 815-378-9572 if your yard needs some attention. As a top-rated lawn care/grass mowing company in Machesney Park, IL, we’re available to design, mow and tend to your lawn.